Greetings on the occasion of establishing a new company

Dear Sir/Madam:

We have established a new company and started business in April, 2004.  To comply with all your expectations, we are now making every possible effort to develop our company's business.  Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Company Information
Company Name

Benefic, Ltd.

Representative Director Julian You-ki

Management Philosophy


Trust is the most important for a corporation.  While being conscious of this, we intend to develop our future business.


Our company was established with fortune-telling as our axis.  From  this perspective, we must go beyond simply conducting profit-oriented business.   Rather, we must aim at pursuing both profit and happiness with the people whom we are concerned with.


Our company is still like a newborn baby, but we have already made up our mind to walk to a bright future with a heart thankful to our clients and staff.


We intend to meet the expectations of loyal patrons of our company's work and of people who find Julian You-ki of high commercial value. We will work as hard as possible to do so.


Thank you very much for your consideration.


Julian You-ki@Profile & Career

Living in Tokyo. Since 1997, she has performed as a fortune-teller using Western astrology and the Tarot.  Her high hitting ratio was called Julian shock by regular customers. With her talent and beautiful figure, she is often featured in media such as magazines as a well-qualified fortune-teller and a fortune-teller with good looks.


She has been engaged in the mobile phone/Web-related fortune-telling business from 2002 and is energetically planning and writing fortune-telling-related articles.


Her motto is to make plans welcomed by many people and deliver the power of words to their heart.


Her appearances in the media include the following:

anan              @November 27, 2002  No1341
anan     @@@@@January 1, 2003    No1346
Ray@    @@@@@March 2003    
@@@@@@@@@@@Best fortune-tellers of East and West

Koiunreki      @February 2003 No22
Tilt@   @@@@@@March 2003 
DIME   @@@@@December 18, 2003@      
Japan in 2004 by nation-wide famous good looking @@@@@@@@@@@male & female fortune-tellers

Koiunreki          June 2004          
Mercury horoscope with its accurate fortune-telling @@@@@@@@@@@@special feature

Koiunreki            August 2004
i-mode BEST    July 2004


September to December, 2002@     Let's begin the Internet at @nifty


January to March, 2003@             Let's begin the Internet at @nifty

Web & Mobile Content


au official mobile content             Julian's Miracle of Love (changed to Marriage, Red Thread fortune-telling)  since November 2002


Vodafone official mobile content    Marriage, Red Thread fortune-telling since December 2003


NTT DoCoMo official mobile content    Marriage, Red Thread fortune-telling since January 2004


au official mobile content             Julian's Western Feng Shui since July, 2004



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